The Blue Economy is regarded as the sustainable use of ocean or ‘blue’ resources for socio-economic and developmental activities, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of marine ecosystem. Pakistan is strategically positioned in the Indian Ocean at the crossroads of major commercial trade routes.

Given the geographical and territorial advantage, its potential in Blue Economy is immense which can be accrued with a focused maritime approach, strategic planning and determined implementation.

The Indian Ocean has huge reservoirs of living and non-living resources which include Petroleum, Natural Gas and diverse marine life. In terms of fishery resources;

fish and shrimps are the basic livelihood of majority of coastal population of Sindh and Baluchistan region. Providing opportunities for maritime businesses will help raise the standard of living amongst coastal communities at the same time, inculcate in them realization of the importance of maritime education.

The Pakistan International Maritime Expo & Conference (PIMEC-2023), scheduled in February next year, will be a hall mark event which will offer a platform for maritime players from home and abroad to showcase their maritime expertise and range of products for mutually beneficial partnerships. This will also complement MoMA’s drive to improve and enact local legislations, remove maritime industrial bottlenecks and evolve ways & means to accrue maximum benefit from Pakistan’s hugely prospective Blue Economy.

PIMEC-23 is being organized to highlight the enormous opportunities available in multiple maritime domains including; Shipping, Port Infrastructure, Coastal Tourism, Fisheries and Hydrocarbon Resources. It offers an interactive platform, opening new vitas for Pakistan’s industry in contracting, outsourcing, joint venturing and demonstrating their products and singing MoUs for technical collaboration in the maritime sector.

I would like to convey my appreciation for all the stakeholders, who are committed to make PIMEC-23, a befitting success. I would especially like to acknowledge Pakistan Navy’s initiative and splendid work in transforming this concept into a reality. I am confident that regular conduct of PIMEC in up-coming years will play a major role in promoting the maritime sector in a sustainable method and development of Pakistan’s Blue Economy.