The International Maritime Conference (IMC)

The International Maritime Conference (IMC) is a mega event being undertaken by the National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) since 2007 biennially and it provides a platform for maritime stakeholders, academicians, and policymakers to discuss ideas/ issues with internationally renowned scholars, practitioners, and experts in the maritime domain. Starting from the first IMC in 2007, a total of nine conferences (IMCs) have been held so far and the current IMC being held as part of the Pakistan International Maritime Exhibition & Conference (PIMEC) is the 10th of the series. Pakistan International Maritime Exhibition & Conference (PIMEC) will encompass Maritime Expo and International Maritime Conference on Blue Economy and maritime potential.

The National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) is the lead organizer for the conduct of the IMC part of the Pakistan International Maritime Exhibition & Conference (PIMEC). The broad theme of this conference is “Embracing Blue Economy – Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries”. The highlights of the event are the presence of a large number of maritime experts from industry and academia both from the public and private sectors, including senior naval dignitaries, eminent speakers, and delegates (both National and International). Renowned speakers and maritime experts are sharing their thoughts on the aforesaid theme. The event also affords the opportunity for Public & Private stakeholders to display products and develop business relationships.


Analyse the changing dynamics of maritime security in the Region
Share knowledge and perspectives on maritime affairs in the Region
Explore measures that can lead to peaceful coexistence, prosperity, and a secure maritime environment in the Region
Highlight the opportunities provided by oceans under the Blue Economy
Suggest solutions based on emerging technology and innovations