Pakistan International Maritime Expo and Conference (PIMEC) is a grand initiative of the Pakistan Navy, being organized under the patronage of the Government of Pakistan. The 2nd edition of PIMEC will be a three-day event that will be held at Karachi Expo Centre in February 2025 encompassing two major segments i.e. a Maritime Expo and an International Maritime Conference (IMC). The National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA) will lead the conduct of the Conference part.

Starting from the first IMC in 2007, a total of nine conferences (IMCs) have been held so far and the forthcoming IMC being held as part of PIMEC will be 10th in the series. The broad theme of this conference is “Embracing Blue Economy – Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Countries”. The highlight of the event will be the presence of a large number of maritime experts from industry and academia both from the public and private sectors, including senior naval dignitaries, eminent speakers, and delegates (both National and International). Renowned speakers and maritime experts will share their thoughts on the aforesaid theme during this mega event.


Geo-strategic environment and regional politics are greatly influenced by economic interests. Economic prosperity has a direct linkage with the sustained exploitation of natural resources under a secure environment. Over the period, the rising population has not merely affected the availability of land-based natural resources but has equally stressed vast ocean resources owing to unbridled exploitation in one form or another. These maritime activities coupled with the effects of climate change are adversely affecting the marine ecosystem leading to serious environmental concerns requiring proactive planning and preparations to mitigate these effects.

The sustainability of ocean resources has therefore gained significant traction across the globe under the ambit of the Blue economy which is hinged on developing ocean-based industries under a sustainable model. While developed countries have prospered by adopting the Blue Economy concept, however developing countries already engrossed in unemployment and food/energy security issues face considerable challenges in meeting associated environmental considerations. In order to benefit from Blue Economy in its true sense, it is imperative for developing countries to focus on Ocean governance and invest in scientific knowledge, maritime education, and research while essentially securing seas from traditional and non-traditional threats in a coordinated manner.

In this background, International Maritime Conference (IMC) during Pakistan International Maritime Expo and Conference (PIMEC) will focus on an analysis of various challenges faced by developing countries particularly Pakistan towards embracing the Blue Economy and bringing about practical recommendations/ innovative solutions for economic development in the maritime sector.